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The AIA Standard

Cover AIA Document D101, "Methods of Calculating Areas and Volumes of Buildings" has been the standard in the trade for Architectural Area, which is the basis for all the construction square foot costs cited in publications used by architects and estimators in projecting building construction costs. The current version is the 1995 edition. It can be obtained through AIA document distributors. They are sold in packets of three at a cost of $4.20 for AIA Members and $6.00 for everyone else. A copy is included in the AIA Handbook of Professional Practice. An older (1980) version of it is also published on page 1,007 of the tenth edition of Architectural Graphic Standards, a reference that is widely used by architects.

This short, simple 2-page document is a good quick reference if a Gross or Construction area is required. If you have questions applying it and are looking for something more detailed and specific, consult the BOMA Gross Area Standard. It also contains definitions for Architectural Volume and Office Assignable Area, Retail Assignable Area and Residential Living Areas. This standard is generally not used to calculate rentable area under a lease.

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