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The AIR Standard

Cover Published in March 1993 by the American Industrial Real Estate Association as the "AIR Industrial Building Standards", this document was for 11 years the only U.S. publication that addressed measurement of industrial buildings for leasing purposes. It was supplanted in October, 2004 by the new BOMA Industrial Standard.

For those with leases citing this standard, it can still be obtained from the American Industrial Real Estate Association by calling 213-687-8777 and arrangement for a payment of $7.50.

This document contains 12 double-sided pages with many illustrations and technical definitions which are meant to clarify all the gray areas that arise when one attempts to determine the gross area of industrial buildings. This standard employs some technical terms used in the BOMA Industrial Standard but defines them differently, so care must be taken to read and fully understand this standard before attempting to apply it.

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