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Article Archive

In order to heep the number of articles on the previous page at a reasonable level, the less popular articles are periodically moved to this archive page. Many of these articles are still viewed quite often, which is why they have not been purged from this web site. Adobe Acrobat Reader will allow you to view them by clicking on the highlighted links.

  • For a big picture understanding of the importance of the BOMA Standard in the real estate industry, read about What the BOMA Standard Really Does from the June 2008 edition of BOMA Matters.
  • Review this whitepaper on Understanding Common and Usable Area to clarify whether certain spaces and rooms can be classified as Usable Area or must be classified as Common Area under the BOMA Standard.
  • The BOMA Design Constraint examines an issue critical to designers of commercial buildings. Published in the Colorado Real Estate Journal in May of 2007.
  • Area Calcs - Like an Annual Physical is an article published in the Colorado Real Estate Journal that addresses the cause of square footage disputes and how to avoid them.
  • New technology is raising the bar for building measurment accuracy. Getting Down to Brass Tacks, published in the Colorado Real Estate Journal, shows how.
  • One of a lessor's most difficult problems is dealing with a high R/U ratio in a building. This article published in the Colorado.Real Estate Journal offers advice on the best way to deal with this.
  • If you are designing or developing condomuniums and are in a state that has adopted the Uniform Common Interest Property Act, this article, Quandry for CICS, published in the April 6 2005 issue of the Colorado Real Estate Journal contains a warning about their square footage measurement.
  • It doesn't seem logical, but in a weak economy, buildings seem to physically shrink along with their bottom lines! This article, published in BOMA Matters, The incredible Shrinking Building addresses this phenomenon.
  • Standards for floor area measurement play the same role as standards for clothing sizes. This artcle, published in BOMA Matters, The Right Fit explores the role of measurment standards in leasing.
  • Architects need to be experts in applying published measurement standards to their designs. Hidden standards: What You Don't Know Can Bite You was published in the AIA Small Project Forum Journal to alert design professionals to this need.
  • Lease Audits are in area of increasing concern among property managers. This article from Colorado Construction magazine discusses what a landlord can do to survive a lease audit.
  • Cleanable Area Measurement has been a hot topic because of pressure to reduce operating expenses. This article from the Colorado Real Estate Journal looks at strategies for contracting for janitorial services that will minimize cleaning costs.

Please e-mail any comments to me at the address to the left. From time to time articles will be added to and purged from this list.

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