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The 1996 BOMA Office Standard

Cover This standard is published by BOMA - the Building Owners and Managers Association - under the title "Standard Method for Measuring Floor Area in Office Buildings". It is no longer an ANSI standard since it has been superceded by the 2010 BOMA Office Standard, ANSI/BOMA Z65.1-2010. However, is still in widespread use because many existing leases cite it.

To obtain this standard, call BOMA at 1-800-426-6292 or down-load it from www.BOMA.org. It costs $26.25 for BOMA members and $36.75 for non-members. As with all current BOMA standards, it is available only as an electronic download with DRM constraints.

A recommended companion document is Answers to 26 Questions About the ANSI/BOMA Standard Method of Measuring Floor Area in Office Building.

This document contains27 pages and is a challenge to learn, understand and apply. If you are not experienced applying it (or have not used the current version), there are half-day classes offered periodically by local BOMA chapters around the U.S. that can help you gain a working knowledge of this standard. There is also an online seminar that costs US$100 and will achieve the same end. Organizations desiring training in the BOMA standard may also retain Building Area Measurement LLC to conduct custom training classes, since we have taught these classes for BOMA and many others.

This standard has been around since 1915 and has evolved through several versions. The 1996 version is significantly different from the previous 1989 version. It applies only to office space and store areas in office buildings. In flex-space properties the new BOMA Industrial Standard should be considered. In the metropolitan areas of Washington, D.C. and New York City, the GWCAR and REBNY standards are often used.

There are variations on this standard, commonly referred to as Modified BOMA. When this term is used, parties should take great care to understand and document precisely the nature of the modification to avoid misunderstandings. Refer to the articles on this web site addressing Modified BOMA, BOMA Math and Single R/U Ratio modifications.

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