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The BOMA Industrial Standard

Cover This standard was originally published in October of 2004 by BOMA - the Building Owners and Managers Association - jointly with SIOR - the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors - under the title "Standard Methods for Measuring Floor Area in Industrial Buildings". It was later given the designation ANSI/BOMA Z65.2-2010.

To obtain this standard, call BOMA at 1-800-426-6292 or order it online at www.BOMA.org. It costs $26.25 for BOMA or SIOR members and $36.75 for non-members. Like all current BOMA standards it is available only as an electronic download and comes with DRM constraints.

This standard draws many concepts from the AIR Industrial Building Standards but uses terminology consistent with the 1996 BOMA Office Standard to make it easier to apply, especially in mixed use developments. It is not yet coordinated with the 2010 BOMA Office Standard, but a future revision is expected to make it so.

This document is organized similarly to the 1996 BOMA Office Standard with many definitions and illustrations in its 28 pages. It offers two distinct measurement methods - the Exterior Wall Methogology and the Drip Line Methodology. The former yields areas similar to Gross Area measurements and the latter reflects the area covered by the roof structure and is useful with properties lacking exterior walls or in market areas where use of this method is customary.

BOMA recommends that properties occupied 51% or more by non-office users should be measured using this Industrial Standard. In flex-space properties the BOMA Office Standard should be considered.An article on this web site, Setting the Industrial Standard, contains more information.

Organizations desiring training in the BOMA Industrial Standard may retain Building Area Measurement LLC to conduct custom training classes.

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