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The BOMA Gross Area Standard

Cover This standard is published by BOMA - the Building Owners and Managers Association - under the title "The Gross Areas of a Building: Methods of Measurement". The current version was originally released in June of 2009. Shortly thereafter, it received the designation ANSI/BOMA Z65.3-2010.

To obtain this standard, call BOMA at 1-800-426-6292 or down-load it from www.BOMA.org. It costs $34.95 for BOMA members and $44.95 for non-members. As with all current BOMA standards,it is available only as an electronic download with DRM constraints.

It defines two measures of gross area, Construction Gross Area that includes balconies and similar unenclosed spaces, and Exterior Gross Area that encompasses only fully enclosed space. It is a foundation for other BOMA Standards and can be used in leasing when a single tenant occupies an entire building. Other applications include construction cost estimating and appraisal for buildings containing all types of occupancies.

This is a new standard for BOMA but is based upon other standards like the AIA Standard that have been around for a while. The big difference is that this standard picks up where other gross area measurement standards leave you hanging, including 28 pages of text and detailed illustrations that yield a direct and unequivocal measure of the physical size of a building.

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