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The IFMA Standard

E1836 The International Facility Managers Association published the IFMA Standard, which now carries the title “Standard Practice for Building Floor Area Measurements for Facility Management” for the first time in 1996. The American Society for Testing and Materials publishes it as ASTM E 1836-08. It's current 2008 version supercedes the previous one published in 2001.

The document is available to download in PDF format from www.astm.org through their online store (search for "E1836"). This is the fastest way to obtain it at a cost of $42.00. It may also be available from the IFMA bookstore. This standard is also included in the ASTM Annual Book of Standards.

Use this Standard in conjunction with facility management, occupant space requirements, space planning and strategic facility planning, but not for leasing office space. For lease area measurements, this document explicitly refers to the BOMA Standard, BOMA/ANSI Z65.1. The IFMA Standard applies to office, research, laboratory, and manufacturing occupancies. It yields smaller usable areas than the BOMA-96, REBNY and GWCAR standards.

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