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AIA Compliant CAD Layer Names for BOMA-96 Space Classes

DD Major Group Minor Group Minor Sub- Group Status Description
A AREA BLDC OTLN E Building common boundaries
A AREA BLDC PATT E Building common patterns
A AREA DIMS - E Dimensions
A AREA FLRC OTLN E Floor common boundaries
A AREA FLRC PATT E Floor common patterns
A AREA GRMA OTLN E Gross measured area noundaries
A AREA GRMA PATT E Gross measured area patterns
A AREA GROS OTLN E Gross area boundaries
A AREA GROS PATT E Gross area patterns
A AREA IDEN - E Identification tags
A AREA LEGN - E Legend
A AREA MVPN OTLN E Major vertical penetration boundaries
A AREA MVPN PATT E Major vertical penetration patterns
A AREA NMSP OTLN E Non-measured space boundaries
A AREA NMSP PATT E Non-measured space patterns
A AREA NPLT - E Non-plotting graphic information
A AREA OCCP ANNO E Occupant or tenant names/data*
A AREA OCCP OTLN E Occupant or tenant boundaries*
A AREA OCCP PATT E Occupant or tenant patterns*
A AREA OFIC OTLN E Office Area boundaries
A AREA OFIC PATT E Office Area patterns
A AREA RDME - E Readme information
A AREA STOR OTLN E Store Area boundaries
A AREA STOR PATT E Store Area patterns
A AREA TABL - E Square footage data tables
A AREA TTLB - E Border and title block

*Occupant areas should be in separate X-refs.
See the AIA CAD Layer Guidelines for full description of each column.

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