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Useful Links

Below are some links to other useful web sites and additional information:

  • BOMA - The Building Owners and Managers Association. By clicking on THE BOMA STORE, then STANDARDS AND CODES, you can order the BOMA Office Standard, Industrial Standard or the Uniform Approach for Measuring Office Space For Use in Facility and Property Management.
  • ANSI, The American National Standards Institute, publisher of the BOMA and NAHB Standards, and the major US standards organization. You can also purchase the International ISO 9836 measurement standard here.
  • Access Local BOMA Chapters to inquire about locally purchasing or training for the BOMA Standards.
  • On-line training class for the BOMA office Standard.
  • REBNY - The Real Estate Board of New York. Order the Diary from the REBNY Store to get the REBNY Standard.
  • GWCAR - The Greater Washington Commercial Association of Realtors.
  • GWCAR Standard Method of Measurement ordering info.
  • IFMA - The International Facility Managers Association - look in online store to order IFMA Standard.
  • ASTM (The American Society for Testing and Materials) is the fastest way to get a copy of the IFMA Standard via download.
  • AIA - The American Institute of Architects.
  • AIA document distributors are currently the best source for the AIA D-101 Standard.
  • NAHB-RC - The National Association of Home Builders Research Center, publisher of the residential measurement standard.
  • OSCRE - The Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate employs XML to deploy standards that facilitate transfer of data between software systems.
  • Lawyers will find Chapter 3 of Lease Audits: The Essential Guide by Theodore H. Hellmuth, ISBN 0-934055-04-1, to be a good source for legal citations for cases involving measurement issues. Published by Statelaw Guides, it may be found on Amazon.com or in your local library.
  • Are you challenged by the geometry of a floor plate you are measuring, especially in an older building? The online HABS Drawing Guidelines published by the.Historic American Building Survey, U.S. National Parks Service, contains a wealth of infomration on how to do field measurements, calculate areas and the like.
  • Measure floor areas on your computer without CAD! Get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader and keep floor plans in Acrobat format with the PDF file name extension. WARNING! Areas may not be as accurate as CAD areas. Get Acrobat Reader

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