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The NAHB Standard

Cover Originally Published in April of 1996 by the National Association of Home Builders Research Center, the current version is dated November, 2003 and carries the designation ANSI Z765-2003. It can be purchased by calling the NAHB Research Center at 800-638-8556 or 301-430-6180 and costs $20.00. Recently, this standard has become available online on the NAHB Research Center web site for a cost of $20 for hardcopy or $10 as an Adobe Acrobat download.

This document focuses on floor area calculations of single family houses that are "detached" and "attached", such as row houses. It does not address apartments or multi-family units. The standard appropriately cautions users to be aware of state laws regarding measurement of condominium units. Anyone involved in measuring floor areas in apartments or condominium units should contact a local Realtor with expertise in that matter. The standard contains 11 full color pages with illustrations and technical definitions .

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