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Office Building Measurement Standards

Commercial office buildings present the greatest challenges for those who measure buildings because their square footage is an integral part of their leasing, management and valuation. Following are six published standards for measuring floor areas in office buildings.

  • A new 2010 BOMA Office Standard Office Buildings: Standard Methods of Measurement is now available, the latest version of the predominant method for measuring and calculating the usable and rentable areas of office buildings throughout the United States.
  • The 1996 BOMA Standard Method of Measuring Floor Area in Office Buildings has been superceded by the 2010 BOMA Office Standard but is still in widespread use.
  • The REBNY Standard published by the Real estate Board of New York is used in leasing space in office buildings located in the the New York metropolitan area.
  • The GWCAR Standard published by the Greater Washington Commercal Association of Realtors is used in leasing space in office buildings located in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.
  • The IFMA Standard published by the International Facility Management Association is used by space planners and facility managers for planning, managing and benchmarking office space, laboratory and manufacturing space within their enterprises.
  • The Unified Approach for Measuring floor Area in Office Space for Use in Facility and Property Management is published jointly by IFMA and BOMA. It is not a standard per se but an important foundation document for subsequent IFMA and BOMA Standards.

Follow the links to find out more about these standards and how to acquire them. Building Area Measurement LLC does not sell or distribute these standards.

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