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The REBNY Standard

Cover This "Recommended Method of Floor Measurement for Office Buildings And Stores" is published by the Real Estate Board of New York, Inc. (REBNY). The current version carries an effective date of January 1, 1987.

The standard is available directly from the Real Estate Board of New York by calling 212-532-3100 at a cost of $2 for non-members. If you are a member, there is no charge and it is included in the REBNY annual Diary and Manual. At the time of this writing it was not possible to order this document online, but REBNY maintains a website at www.rebny.com that contains additional contact information and addresses.

This standard is used only in New York City and adjacent areas of Connecticut and New Jersey. It is significantly different from the 1996 BOMA Standard. It is a very short pamphlet of fewer than 800 words on two sides of a single sheet of paper, containing virtually no illustrations and few definitions of technical terms. However, it's application seems well-understood by New Yorkers and also seems to be compulsory for Board members given the text "Any Board member who advertises office space for rent is expected to follow these guidelines in determining any rentable area count mentioned in the advertisement."

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