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Training and Support

In doing consulting and teaching of building area measurement, I have found that there are some issues that repeatedly confront those who practice this craft, whether they are old hands or newbies. Below is a collection of aids that you may find helpful.

  • Building Area Measurement teaches classes! For more information, see these Class Descriptions..
  • The AIA CAD Layer Guidelines offer only 1 layer for area calcs. That's rediculous. Here is a list of CAD layer names for doing BOMA area calcs that complies with the Guidelines.
  • A common task in measuring space is converting from inches to decimal feet. This Conversion Chart will help if you don't have access to a measuring tape graduated in decimal feet.
  • Terminology in real estate can be a Tower of Babel! Refer to this GLOSSARY of over 200 frequently used (and mis-used) real estate terms relating to floor area measurements.
  • Stumped about a measurement issue? You may find and answer in this list of 30 Frequently Asked Questions with answers.
  • If you are still stumped, why don't you send your question to me? My e-mail address and other contact information appears on the left side of this page.
  • Would you like to get a free spreadsheet in MS Excel format that automates 1996 BOMA rentable area calculations? Send me an e-mail! I regret that I cannot share the 2010 spreadsheets.

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