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A Unified Approach for Measuring Office Space for use in Facility and Property Management

Cover Property managers and facility managers have different objectives when they measure floor area, yet their methods must coexist with each other in commercial properties. This 36 page document, published in 2008, is the result of a three year effort by a working group of IFMA and BOMA experts to establish a common ground of terminology, concepts and methods that is intended to become the basis for future efforts to harmonize the BOMA Office Standard with the IFMA Standard. OSCRE was a driver of the need for consistency between the two standards. It is not a standard but a well illustrated manual of measurement best practices that is invaluable to anyone who measures or manages square footage in commercial office buildings.

You can read more about this document in an article on this web site.

To obtain this document, call BOMA at 1-800-426-6292 or order it online at BOMA by clicking on THE BOMA STORE, then STANDARDS AND CODES. It is stock #UAMOS and costs $49.95 for BOMA members and $59.95 for non-members. It may be also be purchased for the same prices from the IFMA Bookstore.

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