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Why BAM?

Because there are too many disputes and problems caused by a lack of available information, training and expertise in space measurement standards, a foundation of commercial real estate industry.

Read what the experts say about building area measurement:

If this sounds easy, just try it.

Any bozo who can hold a tape measure can measure square footage….The trick is to measure the premises to the same supportable number twice in a row. An even better trick is to measure, arrive at a sum, and then tell another person how you measured it – such that he can do so without further coaching and come up with the same sum. The final coup de grace is to measure the space accurately such that it can be re-measured to the same sum while following instructions that are legally supportable as the proper way to measure space under the lease applicable to those circumstances. If this sounds easy, just try it.
- Theodore H. Hellmuth in Lease Audits: The Essential Guide

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...all too often we don’t understand or correctly apply this shape that so shapes our lives.

It has to start somewhere. And in our business that somewhere is the square foot, a mundane little concept 12 inches on a side that somehow gets corrupted and pushed out of shape when shoved inside an office building…. It shouldn’t be that way since we all seem to live (and sometimes die!) by the square foot. We lease it, cost by it and operate by it, yet all too often we don’t understand or correctly apply this shape that so shapes our lives.
- John H. Windsor, RPA in A Square foot is a Square Foot Except When it is Not

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The first decision to be made is the total floor area of the building...

The basic unit of measure - in effect the currency - of all commercial property is floor area...It may seem that the idea of area is universal and absolute. But a closer examination reveals even this fundamental concept can be confusing, because each interest group in the development process has a different interpretation of it.
- Paul Katz, AIA/Kohn Peterson Fox in Building Type Basics for Office Buildings.

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...neither rentable area nor usable area is what it seems.

Before the real estate professional draws any conclusions from the BOMA terminology, he should note that neither rentable area nor usable area is what it seems.
- Mark A. Senn in Commercial Real Estate Leases: Preparation and Negotiation

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Our methods of measurement define who we are and what we value.

Measurement is one of our most ordinary actions. We speak its language whenever we exchange precise information or trade objects with exactitude. This very ubiquity, however, makes measurement invisible. To do their job, standards must operate as a set of shared assumptions, the unexamined background against which we strike agreements and make distinctions. So it is not surprising that we take measurement for granted and consider it banal. Yet the use a society makes of its measures expresses its sense of fair dealing. That is why the balance scale is a widespread symbol of justice. The admonition is found in the Old Testament: “Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment, in meteyard, in weight or in measure. Just balances, just weights, a just ephah, and a just hin, shall ye have.” Our methods of measurement define who we are and what we value.
- Ken Adler in The Measure of All Things

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